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Inzer Rage X Bench Shirt Size 42 Black (LN) Extremely Rare Blue Logo

Inzer Rage X Bench Shirt Size 42 Black (LN) Extremely Rare Blue Logo
Inzer Rage X Bench Shirt Size 42 Black (LN) Extremely Rare Blue Logo

Inzer Rage X Bench Shirt Size 42 Black (LN) Extremely Rare Blue Logo

I know it doesn't matter to most but this is actually a pretty rare shirt. Typically, the "Rage" in the chest logo is a reddish-orange (or orange-ish red) and I'd say more than 99% of Black Rage X shirts appear this way but there are a TINY few that have the Rare, Light Blue Logo. Including THIS one I have seen of TOTAL of 4 in ALL available sizes and I've seen several hundred Rage X's shirts in my time as a lifter & dealer of gear. I initially thought someone accidentally applied the logo that goes on the RED Rage X but that blue is a lot darker and obviously different.

Anyway, if you like to "stand out" from everyone else in the crowd, here's a cool way to do that! They have also raised the price of the FIRST custom feature added to a shirt, and that is now an additional 50 dollars with each added feature after that another 25 bux... For example Open Back (with or without) Velcro Straps, Grid Stitching, Reinforced Shoulder Seams, Super Neck, Round Stitched arms, etc etc. Any custom features on shirts I sell will be fully mentioned. On average, you will have your item in 2-4 days.

Info on how to measure correctly is listed below. For sale: Rage X Bench Press Shirt, Size 42 Black in "Like New" condition. A step above the shirt that's all "The Rage" in Powerlifting. The RageX is the sensational shirt that's helping Powerlifters sweep the earth with massive bench presses.

The RageX is a step above all round-sleeve bench shirts in clear quality and effectiveness. The RageX is the most amazing poly bench shirt in the history of the game. Extra reinforced front shoulder seams add support and security for this radical design. The combination of several new contours built into the pattern complements the already super RageX system.

SOLID SEAMT technology keeps the sleeves where they are supposed to be, working in unison with the body, not jittering or faltering with the bar. You will increase your bench press and keep it safe to boot. Proven in numerous world records. RAGE X IS FOR EXPERIENCED BENCH PRESSERS ONLY PLEASE!

RageX goes into new territory where unbelievable results from a poly shirt happen. The RageX will continuously amaze you at how much you can bench press.

Bench pressers report regularly how much fun the bench press has become for them because of this amazing bench press shirt. The increased weight you will bench press will take practice to become accustomed to. Confidence will rise from one training session to the next. The RageX is the bench shirt for those who want an immediate step up to stratosphere's of bench press power because it is a MORE AGGRESSIVE design than any other company knows how to make.

This is not only about sleeve angle and elementary things such as that. It is about hundreds of details creating a cumulative effect that is undeniably the best. The most quality and results are yours in the RageX. Stretchy-BackT makes RageX more effective and easier to get into. It allows the lifter to custom-fit on the spot by allowing the neck to be lowered down the body and the sleeves to be lowered down the arms. The fitting adjustments allowed by the Stretchy-BackT provide the effect of an Open-Back but with a back that is completely enclosed.

The Stretchy-Back fabric also breathes easier, creating comfort. Go Double Layer and increase the longevity and comfort of the RageX bench shirt. Or choose Single Layer for single-layer competition restrictions. Absolutely guaranteed you will bench press more than in any other round-sleeve bench shirt. I just bought this deal of previously owned Rage X shirts.

All are in VERY good condition and have no ripped seams, runs or problems of ANY kind. Most have just seen a small amount of use, some just used once or just tried on for sizing and there's plenty of POP left in all of these or I wouldn't have bought the deal.

They are also quite clean as I washed them myself on gentle cycle and let them hang to air dry. Perfect for someone who wants one of these high-tech shirts to push their bench into the stratosphere.

Rage X shirts can add 50-200 pounds to your bench press depending on how good you are at using advanced shirts. Personally, I use one now and I get at LEAST 75-100 pounds out of it! HOW TO MEASURE FOR SHIRTS Measure your shoulder circumference by stretching a tape measure all the way around the circumference of your body at shoulder level, at the point where your deltoids are most prominent. Measure your chest circumference directly under your arm pits above nipples. Measure your arm/bicep circumference at the largest part.

All measurements should be taken relaxed and unflexed. THE RAGE AND RAGEX BENCH SHIRTS. For single ply Rage and RageX, add 2 to your chest measurement and round up to an even number.

That even number will be the recommended size. (50+2 = size 52, 51+2 = 53 rounded up to size 54). Powered by SixBit's eCommerce Solution. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Fitness, Running & Yoga\Clothing & Accessories\Support & Protective Gear". The seller is "maxscoins" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Brand: Inzer
  • Type: Single Ply Bench Press Shirt
  • Size: 42
  • Color: Black
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Model: Rage X
  • Sport/Activity: Weight Lifting
  • Activity: Weight Lifting

Inzer Rage X Bench Shirt Size 42 Black (LN) Extremely Rare Blue Logo